ICT Skills Important Question Answers

Q1. What does ICT Stands for?

Ans- ICT – Information and Communication Technology

Q2. Differentiate between computer hardware and software

Ans- The physical parts that we can see and touch are called hardware.

For Example – keyboard, monitor, CPU, etc.

Software is the part of the computer that we cannot see, it makes the hardware work the way we want.

For example – MS Paint, MS Word etc

Q3. What does BIOS Stands for?

Ans – BIOS – Basic Input Output System

Q4. Name two mobile operating system

Ans – Google Android, Apple ios

Q5. Name two operating systems for laptops or desktops?

Ans – Ubuntu 

Microsoft windows

Q6. Differentiate between files and folders

Ans- File is a place where information is stored in computer, it has a name and extension both

For example for image files – .jpg extension,  for audio files .mp3 extension, for a notepad file .txt extension.

Whereas folder is a place where group of files are stored

Folder only has a name and no extension

Q7. Write shortcut commands for the following –

Ans – Copy – ctrl+c

Cut – Ctrl+x

Paste – ctrl+v

Print – ctrl+p

Undo – ctrl+z

Redo – ctrl+y

Select all – ctrl+a

Q8. Keys labeled from F1 to F12 are ________ keys

Ans- Function Keys

Q9. Control(ctrl), shift, spacebar, alt, capslock, and tab are ____keys

Ans – Control Keys

Q10. What are navigation keys?

Ans – Keys such as arrows, home, end, page up, page down are all navigation keys that are used to navigate in a document.

Q11. Insert, Delete, Backspace are ____keys

Ans – Command keys

 Q12. What do you mean by viruses?

Ans – Viruses are computer programs that can damage the data and software programs or steal the information stored on the computer.  Viruses  are of two types – Worms and Trojan Horse.

Q13. What are the various threats to the computer system?

Ans –  

Viruses – Worms or Trojan Horse

Theft – Online OR Physical

Online Predators and Scammers

Q14. Write down the steps to create a folder in C drive with your name.

Answer – step 1 – Go to the C drive

Step 2 – Right click on mouse and go to new and click on new folder

Step 3 – Type Name for the folder 

Folder with your desired name will be created

Q15. List down the best practices to protect your data?

Ans – 1. Use passwords to login to your computer system

2. Install antivirus and Firewall

3. Browse secure sites – Check whether the site is https secure or not.

Q16. How can we make our password strong?

Ans – 1. Avoid common names and places that are easy to guess.

2. Include a mix of uppercase and lowercase alphabets, numbers and special symbols.

Q17. What is the extension of a) text file b) temp file

Ans – a) .txt

b) .tmp

Q18. Naman has been using his laptop for more than 2 years now but the performance of his laptop feels very slow and sluggish now, how can he speed up his system?

Ans – By removing unnecessary files, images, and softwares from system

By removing temporary files created by system

Q19.  Name two keys that are used to remove typed text or characters

Ans – Backspace and Delete

Q20. _____key helps to overwrite characters on the right side of cursor

Ans – Insert

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