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Gravitation Class 9 Handwritten Notes PDF. This Gravitation notes Class 9 PDF is for session 2022-23.

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Gravitation Class 9 Handwritten Notes

Gravitation Class 9 Handwritten Notes PDF

Gravitation Class 9 Handwritten Notes PDF



Gravitation notes Class 9

Gravitational Force – All objects in this universe attract each other, this force of attraction is called
Gravitational Force.

Newton’s observations: Why does Apple fall on Earth from a tree?
Because earth attracts it towards itself.

Can Apple also attract the Earth? Yes, it also attracts the Earth as per Newton’s third law
[ Every action has an equal and opposite reaction] But the mass of the Earth is much larger than the apple
therefore Earth never moves towards it.

  • Universal law of Gravitation: Sir Issac Newton in 1684 Proposed a law about the force of attraction between the two objects in the universe which is known as newton’s Law of gravitation
  • According to this law
  • Every object attracts every other object
  • This force is directly proportional to the product of the masses
  • This force is inversely Proportional to the Square of the distance between them.

Importance of Universal Law of Gravitation :
1. The force that binds us to the Earth.
2. The motion of the moon around the Earth.
3. The motion of the Earth around the Sun.
4. The tides are due to the moon in the sea.

What is Free Fall? Whenever objects fall towards earth due to earth’s gravity and no other force is acting upon it, the object is said to be in Free Fall. During this free fall direction does not change but
Velocity continuously changes which is called acceleration due to gravity.

Difference between G and g

Gravitation Constant(G)Gravitational acceleration (g)
It is Constant everywhereIts value varies in various places
G = 6.67×10-11 Nm2/kg29.8 m/s2
Scalar quantityVector quantity.
Gravitation Class 9 Handwritten Notes PDF


Mass: Mass of an object is the measure of its inertia.SI unit = kilogram (Kg)

  • Mass is a scalar quantity
  • The mass of a body remains constant.
  • The mass of a body cannot be zero.

Weight: The force by which an object is attracted towards the Centre of the Earth is called the Weight of that object: SI unit = Newton (N) and It is a Vector quantity.

Distinguish between Mass and weight

Mass is the inertia of an object.weight = mass x acceleration.
The total quantity of matter in an object is called mass.Gravitational force by which earth a Hagets an object is called weight.
The mass of an object remains constantThe weight of an object is different in different places.
Measurement of mass is done by using beam balance.The Measurement of weight is done by using a spring balance.
Mass can not be zero.Weight can be zero if g is zero.
Gravitation notes Class 9

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