4 Tips and Tricks to Solve Bar Chart Questions

The data interpretation is an exciting Math module that deals with the bar line graph questions and related questions. Hence, for some students, it is easy to solve those axis-based questions. However, for few students, these graph-based questions seem a daunting task to solve. Therefore, they need some guidance and tips, and tricks to solve such questions.

That is why we brought this guide for them which helps students to tackle complicated questions. Pay attention to this post and find out easy tips and tricks to solve data interpretation questions. Read on.

How to solve bar graph questions?

1. Check the bar length

We know that students need to find out the exact value of the bar graph. However, sometimes focusing on value evaluation turns out to be a challenging task and it becomes a time-consuming process. As a result, students get puzzled during exams and land up solving inappropriate answers which reduce their marks.

Thus, an easy shortcut to tackle this problem is to check the bar length. Visually checking each bar length will help students in determining the value. So, they can easily solve questions by interpreting the data and getting the accurate value which will not deduct their marks.

2. Scan your heads

Although solving bar graph questions is easy, students need to keep their attention on the x-axis and y-axis and understand what the question demands. Scan your heads, put some more effort into data interpretation and find the relation between the two axes. But remember not to make this habit for a single question. Follow this approach for every single question that is related to bar graphs.

Making the accurate relationship between both axes helps in determining the accurate value. It is good that you visualize and check the bar length. But it is equally required to check out the relationship between both axes. For instance, sometimes students get confused in solving tonnes and massive figures in graphs. So, it is important to make the relationship between the axes.

3. One calculation help for other questions too

No doubt, that calculation is necessary but do not think that one solved answer is helpful for a particular question only. The following questions related to that graph also have some relation to it. Hence, memorize your answer or write down it separately in the sheet. This practice will save your time in calculating again if required.

Read on to the next question carefully and then use this solved answer in the calculation of the following question. For instance, a question is based on electric cars with bar graphs of different companies. Every company has one value graph. So, if one question is about total sales, add all bar graph values. And if the question is about differences in sales, use that total value and deduct it from the given value in the question.

4. Convert horizontal graphs into vertical

Many professionals use horizontal bar graphs and a few of the higher studies also have the modules on the same. So, if students are encountered with such horizontal graphs, then they must try to do it vertically and solve the question. Vertical representation is easier to understand and to calculate values. Thus, follow this approach for all horizontal bar graph questions.

However, make sure that you take the x and y-axis correctly. Any kind of miscalculation or the wrong approach will not deliver the desired outcome. Follow the right approach and get an accurate answer.

Final words

These are effective tips with proven results when it comes to bar graph questions. Follow them and come up with the flying colors in the examination.

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