Class 10 Computer Book PDF – IT Code 402 [ New Book ] | CBSE Class 10 IT code 402 book PDF Free Download

Class 10 computer book pdf has been given here in this post. Class 10 Computer also referred to as IT code 402 book PDF is shared here. This year CBSE has made no changes to the class 10 computer book pdf and has uploaded the 2021 version of the book on their website. So this class 10 computer book pdf is officially released by CBSE.

Along with 5 subjects this subject IT is an optional subject for class 10. CBSE regularly updates the syllabus for these vocational subjects every year. But This year there are no major changes in these vocational subjects.

Class 10 Computer Book PDF

Class 10 Computer Syllabus Overview –

In Class 10 Information Technology code 402 subject – 3 units from part A and 3 units from part B are in the term 1 syllabus for the 2021-22 session. So in total, there are 6 units in the term 1 syllabus of IT.

Information Technology Class 10 term 2 syllabus includes 2 units from Part A [ Employability Skills ] and 2 units from Part B [ Subject Specific Skills ]. So, in total there are 4 units in the term 2 syllabus of Class 10 information technology code 402 for session 2021-22.

The book provided by CBSE for computer subjects last year was almost similar to the book they issued this year. Many students were having difficulty in getting the official Class 10 computer book pdf. That’s why we thought of making this task easier for you and giving you the links for the official class 10 computer book pdf.

Class 10 Computer book Pdfs

These are the direct download links for the official books provided by CBSE on their site. As we mentioned above the course structure is divided into two parts. Similarly, there is two pdf for the same subject covering those two parts separately.

Book NamePDF
Employability skills book download [PART A]CLICK HERE
Subject Specific Skills book pdf [PART B]CLICK HERE

More Study material for class 10 computer subject –

We also have some best short notes for class 10 information technology i.e computer subject, along with video lectures on readers venue website and youtube channel.  I would encourage you to at least once confirm your subject code for the subject computer, whether it is 402 or 165.

So, that’s it for today. I hope you successfully got your Class 10 computer book pdf and now you are good to go. But remember to share this Class 10 computer book pdf with your friends and help them too.

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