Class 10 Science Notes PDF – Shobhit Nirwan

In this post we have shared Shobhit Nirwan’s Class 10 Science Notes that you can download for free!

Here are all the chapters notes arranged for you so that you can access them easily whenever you need them!

Chapter NamePDF LInk
Chemical Reaction & EquationsClick Here
Acid, Bases & SaltsClick Here
Metals & Non-MetalsClick Here
Carbon & it’s compoundsClick Here
Life ProcessesClick Here
Control & CoordinationClick Here
ReproductionClick Here
Heredity & EvolutionClick Here
Light – Reflection & RefractionClick Here
Human Eye & colourful worldClick Here
ElectricityClick Here
Magnetic Effect of electric currentClick Here
Our EnvironmentClick Here
Here are all the chapters notes for class 10 science.

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