Here we will discuss all the digital documentation questions that have been asked by cbse in sample papers and last few years board examinations too. We will also look at the solutions for these questions. So let’s begin!

Q1. Which of the following application is not appropriate to store data about ABC bank customers?[Sample Paper 2022-23]

1. Open office base

2. Ms Access

3. Open Office Writer

4. Ms Excel

Q2. In a word processor, __ option is selected for a scaled resizing of an
image. [Sample Paper 2022-23]
a. Original Size b. Keep ratio c. Image Size d. Relative

Q3. It is a reference point for the graphics which is created while positioning any image.
This point could be the page, or frame where the object is either a paragraph, or
even a character in a word processor. [Sample Paper 2022-23]
a. Wrap Text c. Anchoring
b. Alignment d. BookMark

Q4. State whether True or False:
“It is not possible to create a default template in a Word processor”. [Sample Paper 2022-23]

Q5. John has written a book consisting of fifteen chapters. He wanted to make the index
of the book. Suggest him the option used to create the index automatically in a word
processor. [Sample Paper 2022-23]
a. Tables c. Columns
b. Mail Merge d. Table of Content

Q6. In a word processor, by default, evaluates __ levels of headings when it
builds the table of contents. [ Sample Paper 2022-23]
a. 3 c. 10
b. 7 d. 12

Q7. State any two purposes of using Templates in a word document. [Sample Paper 2022-23]

Ans – The purpose of using templates is:
i. To save the time.
ii. It is a predesigned document you can use to create documents quickly without having to think about formatting

Q8. Tanmay is a Class X student. He has learnt Mail Merge option of a Word Processor
in his computer period. But he is confused with few terms used to merge documents.
Explain the following briefly, which will help Tanmay better understand the Mail
Merge options. [Sample Paper 2022-23]

  1. Merge Field
  2. Data Source
  3. Main Document
  4. Mention two types of data on which mail merge can be applied.
  1. Merge Field: A merge field is where you want to insert the information from a data source into a main document. Merge fields appear with chevrons (« »).
  2. Data Source: Data source is a file that contains the names and addresses or any other information that vary with each version of a mail-merge document.
  3. Main Document: Main document is the document which contains text and graphics. It may be a formal or an official letter.
  4. Two types of data on which mail merge can be applied are Labels and Letters.

Q9. Styles help to improve consistency in a document.

Identify the style that is used to format graphics, and text frames, including wrapping type, borders, background and columns. [PYQ 2022]

1.Graphic style

2.Frame Style

3.Numbering Style

4.Character Style

Q10. In a document, ___ is used to apply a style to many different areas quickly without having to go back to the styles and formatting window and double click every time. [CBSE 2022]

a) Fill Format Mode

b) Formatting Window

c) Painter Mode

d) Text Wrapping

Q11. Tanmay explained his class that to apply an existing style expect for____, position the insertion point in the paragraph, frame or page and then double click on the name of the style in one of these lists [CBSE 2022]

a) Window Style

b) Character Style

c) Paragraph Style

d) Cell Style

Q12. The ____window shows the types of styles available for the OpenOffice component you are using [CBSE 2022]

a) Style and Formatting

b) Font and Formatting

c) Insert

d) Edit

Q13. In writer, ____refers to the reference point for the graphics. This point could be the page or frame where the object is, a paragraph or even a character. [CBSE 2022]

a) Arrangement

b) Anchoring

c) Framing

d) Text Wrapping

Q14. Two other toolbars can be opened from picture toolbar are: the____ and _____ [CBSE 2022]

a) Edit Picture, Colour Picture

b) Format, Drawing

c) Graphic Filter Toolbar, Colour Toolbar

d) Floating toolbar, Colour toolbar

Q15. Writer’s table of contents feature lets you build an automated table of contents from _____in your document [CBSE 2022]

a) templates

b) styles

c) headings

d) tables

Q16. Any settings that can be added or modified in a document can be saved in a template. Which of the setting can not be included in Writer’s Document and saved as a template for later use. [CBSE 2022]

a) Styles for later use

b) Printer setting

c) Format and settings of tables

d) Formula settings

Q17. Remakant is running a business and has to send letters to a number of delegates. A ______ can also be a quick way to take a list of people’s mailing addresses and generate labels or envelopes with the address for different persons on each label of envelope. [CBSE 2022]

a) Mail Merge

b) E-Mail

c) Paragraph

d) Style

Q18. Vineeta has to prepare a report on her research work in which she needs to include images with text. Which feature helps to balance the relation of the graphics to the surrounding text, which may wrap around the graphic on one side or both sides, be overprinted behind or in front of the graphic or treat the graphic as a separate paragraph or character? [CBSE 2022]

a) Arrangement

b) Alignment

c) Table of Content

d) Text Wrapping

Q19. Jagriti has inserted an image in a document. She wants to resize the image, Which option of the word processor image format should be selected to let the two dimensions (height and width) change so that the proportion is maintained, allowing for a scaled resizing. [CBSE 2022]

a) Keep Ratio

b) Keep aspect

c) Crop

d) Contrast

Q20. ___ includes margins, headers and footers, borders and background. [CBSE Comp. 2021]

a) Page style

b) Paragraph style

c) Character style

d) Frame Style

Q21. _____is used to format graphic and text frames including wrapping type, borders and backgrounds. [CBSE Comp. 2021]

a) Paragraph style

b) Cell Style

c) Frame style

d) Character style

Q22. _______ refers to the vertical or horizontal placement of a graphic in relation to the chosen anchor point [CBSE Comp. 2021, CBSE Sample Paper 2021-22, CBSE Sample Paper 2020-21]

a) Arrangement

b) Anchoring

c) Text Wrapping

d) Alignment

Q23. A______is a model that you use to create other documents [CBSE Comp. 2021]

a) Template

b) page

c) format

c) anchoring

Q24. State True or False -:

Character Style is used to format graphics and text frames. [CBSE Comp. 2021]

Q25. _____refers to the reference point for the graphic [CBSE Comp. 2021]

a) Alignment

b) Anchoring

c) Arrangement

d) Text Wrapping

Q26. What do you understand by styles [CBSE Comp. 2021]

Ans – A Style is a set of formats that you can apply to selected pages, text, frames, and other elements in your document to quickly change their appearance.

Q27. Write down the process for resizing an image. [CBSE Comp. 2021]

Ans – Steps for resizing an image –

  1. Click the picture to show the resizing handles.
  2. Position the pointer over one of the green resizing handles.
  3. Click and drag to resize the picture.
  4. Release the mouse button when satisfied with the new size.

Q28. When you apply a _____ you apply a group of formatting together in one single step. [CBSE Sample Paper 20221-22]

a) Effect

b) Style

c) Template

d) Format

Q29. _____styles in a text document affect selected text within a paragraph such as the font and size of text or bold and italic formats. [CBSE Sample Paper 20221-22]

a) Cell

b) Paragraph

c) Formatting

d) Character

Q30. To repeat a graphic across the entire background area, we need to select option in word processor [CBSE Sample Paper 20221-22]

a) Tile

b) Position

c) Stretch

d) Area

Q31. ____ is particularly helpful when creating a watermark or when wrapping the image in the background in a document [CBSE Sample Paper 20221-22]

a) Transparency

b) Fill

c) Filters

d) Crop

Q32 _____ include fonts, alignment, borders, background, number formats (for example, currency, date, number), and cell protection. [CBSE Sample Paper 20221-22]

a) Cell Style

b) Numbering Style

c) Paragraph Style

d) Character Style

Q33. _____ controls how graphics are stacked upon each other or relative to the text. [CBSE Sample Paper 20221-22]

a) Arrangement

b) Alignment

c) Anchoring

d) Wrapping

Q34. Millennium university is organising a reunion meet for their alumnae students. For this purpose, university wants to sent the invite to all these students with their different addresses. Which feature of the word processor university should use to accomplish the task [CBSE Sample Paper 20221-22]

a) Mail Merge

b) E mail

c) Templates

d) Data source

Q35. Prisha is a book editor, She wants to change the indentation of all the paragraphs, and change the font of all titles in the book. Which feature should she use to make the task easy.

a) Styles

b) Templates

c) Table of content

d) Consolidating

Q36. Gaurav has inserted an image in a document. he wants to remove the unwanted area of the image. Which option of the word processor he will use to complete the task? [CBSE Sample Paper 20221-22]

a) Clip art

b) Cut

c) Crop

d) Contrast

Q 37. Krishna wants to make a flowchart for his programs in a word document. Which option should he use to accomplish this task efficiently? [CBSE Sample Paper 20220-21]

a) Drawing/Shapes

b) Symbols

c) Pictures

d) All of the above

Q38. Fatima has inserted an image in a document. But she wants to cut off a part of the picture. Which option should she use to accomplish the task? [CBSE Sample Paper 20220-21]

a) Cut

b) Copy

c) Crop

d) Layout

Q39. Amrita is celebrating her 14th birthday. She wants to invite her friends and family members to the party. Which feature will she use to send the same invite to many people with different addresses without typing it again and again? [CBSE Sample Paper 20220-21]

a) Mail Merge

b) Letter Wizard

c) Document Type

d) None

Q40. Elaborate four different type of styles. [CBSE Sample Paper 20220-21]

Ans- Paragraph styles control all aspects of a paragraph’s appearance, such as text alignment, tab stops, line spacing, and borders, and can include character formatting.

• Character styles affect selected text within a paragraph, such as the font and size of text, or bold and italic formats.

• Frame styles are used to format graphic and text frames, including wrapping type, borders, backgrounds, and columns.

• Numbering styles apply similar alignment, numbering or bullet characters, and fonts to numbered or bulleted lists. 

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