Self Management Skills Class 9 Notes 2022-23

CBSE Class 9 Self Management Skills Class 9 Notes for session 2022-23. The best Self Management Skills Class 9 Notes that cover all the important NCERT book portions.

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Self Management Skills Class 9 Notes

Self Management is the ability to control the self i.e controlling one’s emotions, actions, behavior, etc. One who is able to manage him/herself can plan and execute his/her plans effectively.

Session 1: Introduction to Self-management

Self-Management – The ability to manage/control the self. It involves understanding yourself, understanding what your interests and ability are, and having a positive attitude towards life.

Self-management helps us develop good habits, break bad habits, and also helps us achieve our goals. When we manage ourselves effectively, we can easily overcome the difficulties of our life thus living a stress-free life.

Self-management skills include –

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-control
  • Problem-solving
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-motivation
  • Personal hygiene and grooming
  • Positive thinking
  • Teamwork
  • Time management
  • Goal setting

Session 2: Strength and Weakness Analysis

When you exactly identify your strengths and weaknesses you can improve upon your weak areas, and turn your strengths into exceptional performing areas. This Strength and Weakness analysis starts with knowing yourself.

Knowing yourself

You can know yourself better by asking yourself the right questions like what are my interests?, what activities do I perform well? what are the areas where I mostly struggle to perform well?

This is the first step for strength and weakness analysis, only after knowing yourself well you can identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Strength and weakness analysis

Strengths and Weakness Analysis - Self Management Skills Class 9 Notes

Ways to Identify your strengths –
• Take time off to think about what you do well
• Think of anything that you are always good at
• Think about what others appreciate about you

Ways to Identify your weaknesses –
• Find out the areas where you struggle and what kind of work you find difficult to do
• Look at the feedback you receive from others, whether it is positive or negative.
• Be open to feedback and accept your weaknesses without feeling small about them.

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Difference between interests and abilities

Interests are those activities that you enjoy doing. For example playing cricket, or the activities that you perform in your free time, or it can also be those activities that you are curious about and would do even if no one asked you to do them.

Abilities are acquired or natural capacity that enables an individual to perform a particular job or task effectively.

Session 3: Self-confidence

Self-confidence is a sense of trusting own’s abilities and self. When you know for sure that you can do a particular task and will perform it very well, that is self-confidence.

Self-confidence is a quality we build when we believe in our strength to succeed in anything we do in life. People who are confident, believe that they can do anything given to them in any situation.

Qualities of self-confident people

  • Self-belief
  • Hard Work
  • Positive Attitude
  • Commitment

Building self-confidence

  1. Appreciate your achievements and accept the failures.
  2. Have a goal and work towards achieving it.
  3. Always look at the positive side of the event and be happy.

Factors that decrease self-confidence

(a) When we think that we can not do a particular task.
(b) When we keep regretting our past mistakes, instead of learning from them.
(c) When we expect to be successful at the first attempt itself and not try for the second time.
(d) When we are surrounded by people who have a negative attitude, which is reflected in their speech.

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Session 4: Positive Thinking

If an individual has a positive attitude towards life and its challenges, he/she can overcome them and grow positively in life and work.

Positive thinking and its importance

Positive thinking requires a person to focus on the positive aspects of life and working on the things that are not going that well to improve upon those areas.

Positive thinking leads to good results for you like
• overcoming challenges,
• making you do well or making you an energetic individual,
• helping you get better at work, and
• making you and people around you happy.

How to keep your thinking positive?

You can follow the SMILE method to think positively. SMILE method is defined below –

SMILE method to think positive.

Session 5: Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is the practice of keeping oneself clean, it helps us to maintain our health and well being. By doing so we can ensure our regularity at our work, school or college.

Importance of personal hygiene –

  • It helps us to stay healthy
  • Create a healthy self image
  • It also helps us avoid feeling ashamed in public due to bad odour or bad breadth etc.
Three steps to personal hygines - Self Management Skills Class 9 Notes

Session 6: Grooming

Grooming and its Importance

Grooming is the process of looking neat, tidy and smart. The way you dress, and groom yourself can either send the message that you are confident, smart and sincere or possess opposite qualities.

Dressing and grooming are important because they help us
• look smart
• feel confident about ourselves
• make a good impression of ourselves

Guidelines for dressing and grooming class 9

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