Communication Skills MCQs Question with Answers For Term 1 | Class 10 IT Unit 1 Communication Skills MCQ

In this post, we have shared Communication Skills MCQs Question-Answers for the Class 10 IT code 402 subject. Since the term 1 exam of 2021-22 is a completely MCQ-based exam so practice these Communication Skills MCQ.

Here we have shared Communication Skills MCQs question answers for class 10 Information Technology Unit 1 Communication Skills.

You can also download these Communication Skills MCQ question answer pdf for free and revise these later. Class 10 IT 402 Notes ( All Chapters )

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Communication Skills MCQ –

  1. The abilities to communicate properly are:

A. read

B. write

C. speak

D. all of these

2.   Which of the following is NOT an element of communication within the communication process cycle?

A. Channel                                      

B. Receiver

C. Sender                                         

D. Time

3. Speaking more than one language is one of the best skills for a professional.

A. True

B. False

4. You need to apply for leave at work? Which method of communication will you use?

A. e-mail                                           

B. Poster

C. Newsletter                                   

D. Blog

5.  Which of the following is an example of oral communication?

A. Newspapers                               

B. Letters

C. Phone call                                  

D. e-mail

Communication Skills Class 10 IT Notes PDF

Class 10 IT 402 Syllabus 2021-22

6. The language which has been exposed since birth is known as ___________

A. Jargon

B. Dialect

C. Mother Tongue

D. Vernacular

7. To understand the message properly the receiver need to ____________ the message properly.

A. transmit

B. throw

C. listen

D. ignore

8.  What are the types of words we should use for verbal communication?

A. Acronyms                                   

B. Simple

C. Technical                                    

D. Jargons

9. The final stage of the communication cycle is ___________ where receiver converys their understanding.

A. transmitting

B. feedback

C. message

D. listening

10.  Which of these is a positive (good) facial expression?

A. Frowning while concentrating

B. Maintaining eye contact

C. Smiling continuously

D. Rolling up your eyes

Communication Skills MCQ PDF

11. Which of the following types of conversation takes place between two individuals and one-to-one conversation formal or informal communication?

A. interpersonal communication

B. written communication

C. small group communication

D. public communication

12. What does an upright (straight) body posture convey or show?

A. Pride                                             

B. Professionalism

C. Confidence                                

D. Humility

13. Which of these is NOT an appropriate non-verbal communication at work?

A.  Keeping hands in pockets while talking

B.  Talking at moderate speed

C.  Sitting straight

D.  Tilting head a bit to listen

14. The written communication such as notices, circulars, reports, SMS, manuals, etc. considered which of the following type of communication?

A. Nonverbal

B. Verbal

C. Visual

D. None of these

15..  Which of the following statement is true about communication?

A.  50% of our communication is non-verbal

B.  20% of communication is done using body movements, face, arms, etc.

C.  5% communication is done using voice, tone pauses, etc.

D.  7 % communication is done using words

16. Which of the following is an example of small group communication?

A. Two friends discussing their project work.

B. Written letter to employees for a notice

C. Press Conference or board meetings

D. Public Speech

17. Which of these are examples of positive feedback?

A.  Excellent, your work has improved.

B.  I noticed your dedication to the project.

C.  You are always doing it the wrong way.

D.  All of the above

18. Which of the following types of words should not use for verbal communication?

A. Simple

B. Technical

C. Easy

D. Local Language

19. __________ communication is the way to express or exchange information or message without using any spoken or written word?

A. Verbal

B. Visual

C. Non-Verbal

D. All of these

20. Which of these is NOT a common communication barrier?

A. Linguistic barrier                                    

B. Interpersonal barrier

C. Financial barrier                                    

D. Organisational barrier

Communication Skills MCQ with answers

21. __________ can be presented by face

A. Gestures

B. Expressions

C. Body Language

D. Para Language

22. Which of these sentences is capitalized correctly?

(a)  Ravi and i are going to the movies.

(b)  Salim is visiting India in July.

(c)  The tiger is a Strong animal.

 (d)  She is arriving on Monday

23. Which of these sentences is in active voice?

A.  A movie is being watched by them.

B.  The car was repaired by Raju.

C.  He is reading a book.

D. The thief was being chased by a policeman

24. Keeping shoulders straight right and body relaxed is an example of:

A. Facial Expressions

B. Posture

C. Gesture

D. Eye contact

25. Not being able to understand or see gestures, posture, and general body language that make communication less effective is known as ________ barrier.

A. Physical

B. Linguistic

C. Cultural

D. Interpersonal

So these were the class 10 IT Communication Skills MCQs. Prepare these Class 10 IT Unit 1 Communication Skills MCQ for your term 1 exam.

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