The Portrait of Lady by Khushwant Singh Summary in 100-150 words

The Portrait of Lady Summary in 100-150 words

‘The Portrait of a Lady’ is a descriptive story describing Khushwant Singh’s grandmother. He describes his relationship with his grandmother in the story – The Portrait of Lady.

He recalls his grandmother as a short, old, slightly bent lady. He sketches the lady as not very pretty but constantly beautiful throughout her life and the twenty years that the author had stayed with her.

She was healthy and lived a very long life. In the story, the author describes the 3 phases of relationship in the story which include the time of complete dependence, the sharing of room, and losing the common link of friendship by getting his privacy.

Grandmother had an orthodox kinda mentality and disapproved of Music lessons taught to the author in the school. Animal lover, theist, and the formerly caring lady died out of very usual mild fever.

She spent her last chapter chanting the god’s name and praying. She ignored the protest done by the author and the author’s parents. Finally, with a peaceful pallor spread on her face, she died.

During the customary ceremony, before the funeral, the corpse was lying in her room where 1000’s sparrows sat scattered on the floor, very quiet. They showed their sorrow by taking no notice of the bread crumbs kept by the author’s mother and flew away once the body was carried away and came back never again.

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