How to make best effective notes for revision.

In this post you will learn how to make the best effective notes for your revision, I will guide you through the whole process of making pro-level notes step by step.

I will try to put down my experience of making notes and the way I got better into this.
Notes are what you look down upon in time of the revision, so we will try to keep them short and simple covering all the important stuff from your lessons so that you do not miss out on something important.
What I learned in my school life was – The Longer    Notes tend to put huge stress on my mind if I opened them only before the exams for revision.
The First step in making the best effective notes is to write down only the important keywords from a paragraph. The whole important sentence will surely strike the mind if the mind is triggered by a keyword that relates to the whole concept. Finding out keywords from the paragraph and then writing them down on your notebook puts some amount of good stress on your mind which Leds to you learning the concept at the time of making notes. This whole process also makes your second-time revision easy as you have learned so much in the first round itself. 
The second step is to write down the most important stuff outside the margins of your page. The important stuff may include some formulas and units that you have to memorize or something really important that is asked very frequently in the exams. The idea behind writing outside the margins is to strike your mind those most important things again and again as you open up your notes. 

The final step is to use more and more symbols and drawings instead of text everywhere on your notes page. This will make your notes more interesting to read and also symbols instead of text will help you make your notes more short and easy to revise at the time of exams.
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