How to learn anything faster and memorize better.

Do you want to learn a subject or skill in half the time?
I want you to remember four letters. F-A-S-T. Fast. 
The F stands for Forget. it might be best if you forgot what you already realize the topic so you’ll learn something fresh. the most reason why tons of individuals don’t learn faster is that they desire their cup is full, and that they desire they realize it already. So always remember to start out with a beginner’s mind. I might also say ditch happening “> what is going on on within the world and anything that’s not urgent or important in your world because if you are trying to believe things that are going on and be present, you cannot do this. And you’re only employing a fraction of your potential if you’re distracted. i might also tell ditch your limitations because you do not know what you do not know. no matter your age, your background, your education. You’re just not taught the way to roll in the hay . If anything, you were taught a lie. A lie that your intelligence, your memory, your learning is like your shoe size, which is fixed, but we all know that your learning is limitless. So set your limitation aside and ditch them.
The A stands for Active. What do I mean by active? If you are feeling overloaded with an excessive amount of to find out in insufficient time, like does one have books on your shelf you haven’t read yet? You get quite ten emails a day? does one hear podcasts? There’s such a lot of information out there, but if you are feeling such as you’re stressed like you can’t continue, here’s the thing. it isn’t your fault. you recognize why? It’s because we all grew up with a 20th-century education that prepared us for a 20th-century world, which at the turn of the century, was working in factories and farms. But now we sleep in an age of autonomous electric cars and spaceships that are getting to Mars, but our vehicle of choice when it involves learning is sort of a horse and buggy. And one of the challenges is our schools trained to be very passive. Sit quietly by yourself, be lectured to, consume information but your brain doesn’t learn supported consumption. It absorbs through the creation then learning isn’t a sport. you’ve got to urge involved. you’ve got to require high notes. you’ve got to ask many questions. There are numerous belongings you can do to be more active.
The S stands for State. What do I mean by State? I mean the present mood of your mind and your body because here’s the key to raised memory. Information with emotion becomes an LTM . What do I mean by that? Is there a song or fragrance or food that would take you back to once you were a child? in fact, because the knowledge is combined thereupon emotion and thus becomes an LTM. The challenge back in class was what the driving feeling you had back in class was? for many people, they were bored, right, and if you times anything by zero, what does one get? You get zero. So most people don’t remember what they learned back in class due to the State. Remember this: All learning is State-dependent. That if you would like to find out more, control your State. you are not a thermometer. What do I mean by that? What does a thermometer do? A thermometer reacts to the environment. It reflects what the climate is giving it, then we are all thermometers at some point, which affects our State, right? We react to the weather. We answer the economy. We answer how people treat us, but actually, here’s the locus of focus? Who has control? you are doing because you are a thermostat. A thermostat is different, right? A thermostat sets a vision. It sets a goal. It sets a typical, and what happens to the environment? The environment raises to satisfy that thermostat, and for you, you would like to spot with the thermostat, and therefore the essential thing that you simply want to possess control over is how you are feeling. we’ve a high power to form it better, and that I think the foremost important responsibility we’ve is controlling how we feel. How does one get into that State of curiosity? Of excitement? I mean that who is that the fastest learner on the planet? They’re children. Children have this wonder. one of my favourite quotes is from Rumi. He says, “Trade your cleverness for bewilderment.”
And finally, the T in FAST stands for Teach, if you would like to find out any subject or skill faster, learn it as if you are going to show it to somebody else. Because when you’re learning it to show it, then you are going to concentrate differently. Then you are going to recollect it differently because here’s the thing once you teach something you get to find out it twice.
These are the learnings from the world-class memory expert – Jim Kwik. I find it out helpful, so I thought to share this with you!
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