Summary of the chapter: A Letter To God

Summary of  the chapter: A Letter To God.

This story is written by G.L.Fuentes in which he describes the immense faith of a simpleton on God. The main character of this story is Lencho, who is a hardworking farmer. His crops are mainly dependent on rain as a source of water. After an extended period, one day it started raining. Lencho was very happy to see the rain. However, soon this rain turned into a hailstorm. The hailstorm destroyed Lencho’s crops and left nothing. For his help, Lencho then writes a letter to God asking for the help of 100 pesos. A kind-hearted postmaster who read Lencho’s letter decided to help him. He collected 70 pesos and sent it to Lencho. When Lencho saw this, he got angry as he did not get 100 pesos. He went back to write another letter to God, asking to send the left amount of money. He asked God not to send money this time by mail as he considered the post office employees to be a bunch of crooks.

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