Character sketch of Lencho Class 10th English in 100 – 150 words


Lencho was a simple farmer who was very hardworking. He was utterly dependent on the yield of his fields. His crops had always been excellent. He knew his crops needed a good downpour to get a good yield. However, when the rain changed into a hail storm, his crops were destroyed. Since he had immense faith in God, he did not lose hope. He needed God’s help. He knew how to read and write. So he wrote a letter to God, asking for help. He was fully confident that he would get the desired money. When he did not get as much money as he had asked, he became unhappy. He felt that he was being cheated. He felt angry thinking that the people in the post office are crooks and they had stolen the rest of the money. So he wrote another letter to God, asking God to send money directly to him, not through the post office.   

This was the character sketch of Lencho from the chapter a letter to god. This brief character sketch of Lencho was in 150 words. A letter to god is the first chapter of the first flight book. The character Lencho was briefly described in this post.

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