Character Sketch of Postman Class 10 English in 100-150 Words

Character Sketch of postmaster – A letter to god Class 10 English in 100 to 150 words.

The postmaster of the story – A letter to God, is a kind, generous, helpful, amiable, and God-fearing man. The time he saw the letter from Lencho, which was written to God. during which Lencho was posing for 100 pesos in order that he could sow his fields again. The postmaster decided to assist him. He didn’t want to shake Lencho’s faith within the almighty. So, out of virtuous intentions, he decided to gather money for Lencho as an act of charity. He asked his friends and colleagues to gather 100 pesos, and he gave a neighborhood of his salary. They collected 70 pesos in total and put them in an envelope. He also signed the letter within the name of God to cover his identity as he wanted Lencho to think because it was a reply from God

So, this was the detailed character sketch of the postman from the chapter of class 10 English – A letter to god.


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