Class 12 Physics Notes PDF by Aman Dhattarwal (UPDATED) | Apni Kaksha Notes PDF Physics Class 12 (2023-24) ALL CHAPTERS

Apni Kaksha Class 12 Physics Notes: Here, We have shared CBSE Class 12 Physics Handwritten Notes made by the Apni Kaksha team.

These notes for class 12 physics are the best and yes you can score 100 out of 100 in Class 12 physics after reading these notes.

With the hard work that Aman Dhattarwal has put in building the notes is next level. These Class 12 Physics notes contain topic-wise previous year questions.

These notes are enough to score 100 in your class 12 board examinations.

Apni Kaksha notes PDF physics class 12

We have arranged the Class 12 Physics Notes by Aman Dhattarwal in a chapter-wise format so that it is easy for you to download them whenever you need them.

You can download these Class 12 Physics Notes PDF provided by Aman Dhattarwal for free from the links given below.

Apni Kaksha Class 12 Physics Notes PDF Download

Here is the chapter-wise arrangement of the physics notes PDF by Apni Kaksha.

Click on the Get PDF button highlighted in blue to download the class 12 physics notes by Apni Kaksha.

We have included all the chapter notes so you don’t need to look for them anywhere else.

Chapter NameNotes PDF
Electric Charges and FieldGet PDF
Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance Get PDF
Current Electricity Get PDF
Moving Charges and Magnetism Get PDF
Electromagnetic Induction Get PDF
Magnetism and Matter Get PDF
Alternating Current Get PDF
Electromagnetic Waves Get PDF
Ray optics and optical instruments Get PDF
Wave OpticsGet PDF
Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter Get PDF
AtomsGet PDF
NucleiGet PDF
SemiconductorGet PDF
Apni Kaksha Class 12 Physics Notes

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These were the Class 12 physics notes by Apni Kaksha. Note – We do not own these notes we have just organized them to help the students.

These are the best class 12 physics notes prepared by Aman Dhattarwal and Apni Kaksha team.

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That’s it for Apni Kaksha notes PDF physics class 12.

Are Aman Dhattarwal notes enough for boards?

Obviously. These notes have covered all the content from NCERT. Along with this, it has topic-wise previous year questions and intext question answers. You can easily score 100 out of 100 by studying these notes.

Why Aman Dhattarwal is Famous?

6 TedX | 62 Seminars | 51 Lakh Family on YT | Founder & CEO of Apni Kaksha | Founder of Hustlers Bay. Isn’t This Enough to be famous.

Who is Aman Dhattarwal?

Aman Dhattarwal is a Youtuber, Educator, Influencer, and Founder of Apni Kaksha & Hustlers Bay. A 23-year-old young boy, who is changing the complete education industry of India.

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