How to avoid Sleep while studying

Sleeping correctly makes us feel fresh and energetic. Many students intend to study at night to prepare for another day test, however after trying all possible ways they feel to sleep between studying, and this hampers their preparation.
Being Uncomfortable:

Avoid becoming too comfy whilst studying like using leg cushions or pillows. Luxuries or relaxation things will only distract the pattern or rhythm of studying. Sitting on the floor on legs will probably be uncomfortable for the entire body, but by this procedure, students may keep relaxation at bay and concentrate more on studies. IF you want more attention on your studies, then be uncomfortable.

Keep the Body Hydrated:
Drinking water throughout the analysis will keep you refresh, so as you are sitting to study maintain a bottle of water nearby and sip on it after every 30 minutes. Maintaining body dehydrated allows you to feel lethargic and sleepy. Consuming water in the periods will continue to keep the mind hydrated and boost appealing power. It is going to also bring the urge to urinate, and this will provide you a short break from study.
Lights ON:
Studying beneath the table lamp together with all other viewpoints off will just attract laziness. It gives you a comfortable ambiance, which is bad to stay alert for research. Therefore, it is recommended that constantly study with room lights.
Prevent Assessing in Bed:
Working position matters a lot while writing or studying something. The seat will give your back support which cushion cannot. Maintaining books on the table and sitting on a seat will provide the sensation of studying, and the learning process will be quick.
Say NO to the Heavy Meal:
Heavy meal consistently encourages laziness, and it is not suggested to sit studying after a hefty meal. Lethargic feeling completes the retention power and thus will cause you to distract from the study. It does not indicate you should starve, take a little meal at regular intervals and this will allow you to focus more on studies. Sleeping early can help to cover the sleeping and resting time for the human body and the brain. This manner, you will tend to wake up early and fresh. With a fresh mind, if you sit and research, it will help to remember everything easily. It will keep you fresh and energetic the entire day also creates your concentration power more powerful to remember any information.
Walk About and Study Loudly:
 While studying when you feel tired, then do some walks around the area, this will cause you to stay awake. The body gets tired sitting in exactly the same place, and it needs some rest, so walking involving studying will give movement to the body. Reading loudly will also help to stay alert and listening to a voice will improve concentration. Following these suggestions will make you feel more focused and avoid sleeping through your research.

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