Best Self Study Plan to Get 99% Marks in Exams (Toppers Plan)

So what if I gave you a simple and easy-to-use self-study plan to score 99% marks in any exam? And what if I gave you those secret study tips that toppers use to make this journey easy for you.
I’ll give you ten common mistakes that students tend to make and finally, three bonus tips.
“Success is no accident it’s hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice and above all the love for what you do” this is a quote by the famous footballer Pele.
So how about we look at the regime that athletes and sportspersons have followed in devising the six-month self-study plan to help us get top marks in any exam?
Day one this is like your first day in the gym where the trainer shows you around the equipment and discusses the road map with you. Now, chances are this session will not last very long, and you going to come back excited to begin that workout. Similarly on day one, when we start reading a new chapter, just go over it.
Mistake number one – Trying to read ten chapters the first time you pick up your book and hoping to remember all of that content. AVOID THIS.
On our first reading, read the book from cover to cover if you are looking at a particular chapter, read it word by word from the beginning to the end. Do not highlight do not try to memorize anything this is the time to get conceptual clarity on what is the author actually trying to tell us. This is also a good time to link this information to something that we may have learnt earlier and keep the session short.
Mistake number two is keeping a long gap between the pre-read and the first read. Ideal break session is about 24 to 48 hours.
Mistake number three – Trying to remember too much information on the first reading.
One week later at this time, the gym trainer will like to get your form right so there will be fewer exercises done slowly each one having fewer reps, but the focus will be to perfect your form.
Similarly, the second reading, a week later is to focus on structural clarity, take up essential topics from the chapter look at the back of the chapter questions and answer them. At this stage highlight important points, make notes, draw diagrams, understand the facts and examples. Go slow, take up a few topics at this point of time but make sure you perfect your structural clarity.
Mistake number four is a long gap between the first read and the second read. The ideal difference between the first read and the second read is one to two weeks.
Mistake number five is memorizing too much at this stage.
Month number two – the trainer might focus on specific muscle groups. There may be a day where you do entirely just squads and glutes or another day where you just do chest and back. Similarly, in a sport like a basketball or a football, you might do a full day of just passing or another day or just dribbling.
This is a stage to start focusing on essential topics drill down one item at a time highlight the keywords to make acronyms or mnemonics draw flowcharts tables or mind maps.
Close your book and write down the concept in your own words, just stay with one idea for a while. Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is needed to unlock your potential.
Seek to master one topic at a time.
Mistake number six – overloading your brain by studying two or three chapters on the same day.
Mistake number seven – doing one thing for too long.
Just like in the gym cross-train, and avoid repeating the same workout on successive days. Similarly, rotate your subjects.
Month number three go beyond your trainer.
Just like an athlete would consult a nutritionist or maybe another trainer to make sure that they are not missing out on anything. 
Similarly, this is a time for you to consult with supplementary material. It could be new textbooks, could be podcasts documentaries, or YouTube videos.
Mistake number eight – using too much supplementary material too early in the preparation cycle. This might end up confusing you.
Month number four – practice, practice, practice. 
Remember Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000-hour rule. Each skill means hours and hours of practice, whether it’s jumping or bowling or shooting, persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement.
Practice your math and numeric subjects extensively and for theory subjects practice remembering important information and terminology. Teach someone, discuss it in a group, make flashcards, read the keywords aloud or do mock tests.
Mistake number nine – doing a mock test too early.
Mistake number ten – repeatedly doing one mock test after another. It’s like a cricketer playing matches after matches. What we need to do instead is do one mock test go back, analyze it, look at where we went wrong then go back to the concept understand it again come back and do another mock test.
Month number five, increase the duration and difficulty of your practice sessions. Push your limits, test yourself. Professional athletes know that the only secret to success is to bust your limits daily and to do it for years. Every champion hates training. Your biggest opponent is yourself. 
This is a time for you to drill down your notes and make them so concise that you know correctly what to study one day before the exam months.
Number six – keep an eye on the matchday start setting goals, focus, practice with restful sleep and proper nutrition. Use meditation to focus. Remember that the expert was also once a beginner.
The bonus tips – 
Bonus tip number one is rest and sleep. The brain is a muscle that needs rest and recovery take frequent breaks and sleep for at least seven hours in the night and eat nutritious food.
Bonus tip number two is that the morning hours are more productive, so maximize them and cut out distractions.
Bonus tip number three gamify your study plan building small targets and rewards as well create a leaderboard like a game. Remember that without commitment you’ll never start, but without consistency, you’ll never finish, and without self-discipline, success is impossible because it’s impossible to beat someone who refuses to give up, so that’s all from me on a six-month self-study plan to crack any exam. 
These learning were from – Chetna Vasishth. Check out her YouTube channel –

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